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I'm Stressed!

Stress management is becoming a hot topic recently. To most of us we hear “stress” and immediately have flash backs of mounting up workloads, unexpected bills, previous relationships breakups or other negative memories.

Since one of the first studies in 1936 over 100,000 further studies have been conducted on the topic of stress and it’s effects. Even though now stress has negative connotations for most of us it was originally described as a ‘nonspecific response to any demand’.

Experimental studies found that when physical, emotional or chemical demands were placed on animals they went through three clear stages.

  1. Alarm - The initial reaction to the stressor
  2. Adaptation - The biological changes following the initial reaction
  3. Exhaustion - Limits of adaptation are exceeded and you cannot continue to maintain appropriate response.

We see stress as a negative experience generally, however it is actually how we experience life, every event in our life is some form of stress to our system. How we interpret the event determines the response our body produces, for example exercise is a stress but our body responds by rebuilding the tissues we break down to become stronger to allow us to accommodate more of that stress in the future. 

When it comes to stressors perception is everything! The functionality of our nervous system is what determines how much we are able to adapt and ensures we are reaching our peak each day.

There is growing evidence wellness (what we call vitality) care provided by Chiropractors improves health behaviours, quality of life and also reduces medical bills. It is not just aches and pains which can be altered by adjustments but new research is suggesting the activity at a cellular level can be affected by chiropractic adjustments. 

A substance called serum thiol was measured in short and long term chiropractic care clients. Serum thiol gives an indication of DNA repair enzyme activity. The levels found in subjects who were undergoing long term chiropractic care were much higher than in those who started but then stopped care. These higher levels mean your body can continue to improve your health much more than alleviating pains. 

How many people do you know who are ‘stressed out’ or just not functioning at their best due to stress? Or perhaps it is your stress levels which are too high? Call us today on 01923 236162. We can help!