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This one simple change can affect your spinal health

June is men's health month. Share this one simple change not just with your Dad, but any men you know to help spread awareness.

Have you ever noticed how many times a habit can become so automatic we don't even notice we are doing it?


This can be a healthy habit or it can be something damaging our health. It can be as simple as carrying your wallet in your back pockets, something men are particularly guilty of doing. Once all the cards and receipts are in there it can in many cases be over a half an inch thick! Imagine sitting on a half inch wedge for hours at a time over a period of years just on one side of the pelvis, what do you think this may do to your spine? This can be one of the most overlooked causes of spinal misalignments leading to back pain, neck pain and even headaches. 

Clearing out your wallet of the receipts from 6 weeks ago is not only helpful to check your expenses but also good for your back!