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Is age just a number?

What do you think?

I am sure you can think of someone who seems much younger than their age, or someone who seems much older than their age.

In fact, this picture is a woman called Ernestine Shepherd who is an 83 years old bodybuilder.

We can not CHANGE our CHRONOLOGICAL age. All we can do is ensure we are doing what we can to CONTROL the ageing effects and in turn change our BIOLOGICAL age.

Chronological age is the number of years a person has been alive for. Biological age is how old a person seems to be. 

Stress is the major contributor to our biological age. Stress comes in the form of physical, emotional and chemical stress. This is why we can't simply exercise regularly but smoke 10 cigarettes a day, or see a Chiropractor and get adjusted but neglect our diet, or have a job you love but sit most of the day (even when not at work) without any stretching. In these scenarios, of course doing some good is better than none at all. However without looking at the full picture, we will never be able to achieve true health. 

I know what you are thinking, you may know of someone who has never made their health a priority and lived until they were 90 or someone who run marathons but had a heart attack at the age of 35. Yes, unfortunately, there are always exceptions to any rule. But do not allow that to stop you working on yourself and your biological age!

As Chiropractors we see all ages, from babies just a few days old to people 100 years old (and beyond!). Why? Because no matter your age, we all have a nervous system. Your nervous system is what controls the whole of your body. This includes both your autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary functions such as your eyes to blink and your heart to beat without you having to think about it; all the way to your somatic nervous system, which controls your muscles and voluntary movement.

A healthy nervous system will improve the communication between the brain and the body. This is what we do as Chiropractors. This is one piece of the puzzle that can sometimes be missed when looking at the whole picture, and is vital for good health. 

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