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Shop Smart

Healthy eating and making sure we get plenty of nutrients from our food is essential to keep our bodies able to repair and rebuild.

Below we have 6 tips to help you shop smart to ensure you are making healthier choices and providing your body with everything you need 😊

6 tips for smart shopping:

1. Make a list and stick to it

Write a list of what you and your family plan to eat in the coming week and stick to this while shopping. You’ll spend less and will be less influenced by promotions that may not be that healthy.

2. Avoid shopping when hungry, rushed or stressed

Have a snack before you go food shopping and set aside enough time each week. We’ve all gone shopping when hungry and ended up impulse buying foods which are not on our list!

3. Beware of diet or low fat foods

These foods sound great but a lot of the time additives can be used and higher content of sugar or sweeteners can be used to replace fat. Consider portion size or if there is a healthier substitute rather than these foods.

4. Get to know your food labels

Food labels can be a bit confusing but comparing similar products when shopping can allow you to choose a healthier option. The traffic light system can help you identify foods high in sugar or fat easier.

5. Eat a rainbow every day

I’m not saying eat a bag of skittles to taste the rainbow! Eating a rainbow is related to different coloured foods, the colour of foods can give an idea to their nutritional benefits, such as:
•Yellow food are high in beta carotene (great for healthy skin and your immune system)
•Green foods contain chlorophyll (good for antioxidants and cell membrane health)
•Red foods contain vitamins A, C and lycopene (antioxidants and can help lower blood pressure)

6. Shopping with children

If you bring the children shopping set clear rules on what they can put in the trolley. We know from Josh and Jess mysterious items can find their ways into the trolley!


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