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Sleep is the best meditation

Sleep is the best meditation

10 Reasons why sleep is important:

- Poor sleep is linked to higher body weight

- Good sleepers tend to eat fewer calories

- Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity 

- Good sleep can maximise athletic performance 

- Poor sleepers have a greater risk of heat disease and stroke 

- Sleep affects glucose metabolism and type 2 diabetes risk

- Poor sleep is linked to depression 

- Sleep improves your immune function 

- Poor sleep is linked to increase inflammation

- Sleep affects emotions and social interactions  

10 Proven tips to sleep better 

- Increase bright light exposure during the day

- Reduce blue light exposure in the evening 

- Don't consume caffeine late in the day

- Try to sleep and wake at consistent times

- Consider some supplements 

- Don't drink alcohol 

- Optimise your bedroom environment 

- Don't eat late in the evening 

- Relax and clear your mind in the evening

- Take a relaxing bath or shower