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5 S's to be Sun Smart

Now that we finally have some sun, it's important to be sun smart. I saw this and wanted to share it. 5 S's of Sun Safety: SLIP on a t-shirt Clothing acts as one Read More

What is an adjustment?

The primary focus of chiropractic is simply to adjust the spine and remove those things which interfere with the body's natural normal healing ability. Spinal adjustments to correct joint restrictions are Read More

Question of the week...


What is your goal?

          Have you thought about what goal you want to set or                           would like to Read More

Gratitude is the best attitude

Practising gratitude is actively giving thanks. This can either be towards a person, or things you have. It includes things big and small and tunes your mind into what you Read More

Top Tips for Healthy Eating

8 Tips for Healthy Eating                           * Base your meals on higher fibre starchy carbohydrates.             Read More

Uh oh!

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter! What lovely weather we have been blessed with.   As with most holidays we celebrate, we tend to overindulge and when it comes Read More

Time to get moving!

Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that require energy expenditure. Physical activity includes exercise as well as other activities which involve bodily movement and Read More

Viewing 1 - 8 out of 92 posts